Books and Info

Below are books and information that I have found helpful in my green and healthy lifestyle process.

Salt, Lemons, Vinegar, and Baking Soda By Shea Zukowski
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I love this book because it has simple, easy recipes involving all four of these ingredients. Who would have thought Lemon Rinds could be used as garbage disposal fresheners? Well, I am sure many people knew that all ready, but it is the common sense in this book that appeals to me. Well worth the money to have all these tips on hand.

Organic Gardening: An Essential Guide to Natural Gardening By Christine Lavelle and Michael Lavelle
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I found this book in the bargain section of Barnes and Noble and picked it up since I had an interest in expanding my garden this year. I have thus far found this book to be extremely useful and helpful in my research. I love the visualization, the tips, the hints, and the ideas it has to inspire me with my own garden. It doesn't matter what size your garden is, container or several hundred square feet - this book has all sorts of help in how to set it up, maintain and cope with every sort of issue.