About This Blog

This blog is a compilation of my thoughts, opinions, observations, and miscellany that interests me - specifically about the Green, Environmental, Raw, and Healthy lifestyle. It will also include my day-to-day thoughts when applicable and my spiritual journey through this world.

Below are the various theme days you will see that frequently appear in my blog. While each update may not pertain to the day's theme - I try to adhere to them when the mood strikes me.

Green Mondays

  • Entries regarding my garden, being green, and the environment. I will include tips that I've stumbled upon in my research into the Green lifestyle.

DIY Tuesdays

  • Tidbits and instructions on various green projects and household projects that I've enjoyed making. You'll find my favorite instructions in the "Green Tips" tab. 

Running Wednesdays

  • As I slowly become a runner, I will update on my progress, especially as I train to run solid 10k's and half-marathons. These themes will include quotes from athletes and motivational information to keep me going.

Raw Thursdays

  • Recipes, updates and commentary on my desire and transition into a Raw Diet. I will link articles and blogs that I enjoy on this particular topic. Wednesdays and Thursdays may occasionally be melded to reflect on diet and becoming athletic.

Meditation Fridays

  • Reflections on my life thus far and how I assess I am living it. This will include my spiritual journey and the various avenues of alternative healing exploration. These will mostly be my days of miscellanea posting - but overall random ramblings on my personal life.