About Me

Born in California, raised in Connecticut, living in the Deep South. I am a confused soul who doesn't know where I belong in this world. Some days it's England, others it's India, and yet others, I am content to stay right where I am.

I was raised a hippie by my two Ex-Air Force parents, who sought to encourage and nurture my personal freedom and self-expression. Whether this was through my writing, drawing, crafting or pure imagination - I grew up knowing that I should always do my own thing.

Because of these roots, I have sought to be as environmentally conscience and compassionate towards life as much as possible. But life itself gets in the way, and quick and easy decisions tend to win over the more difficult ones. While I may bring bags with me to the store so I don't use plastic bags, I will not bother to recycle my plastic-ware (which can be recycled). While I may be trading off and breaking fairly even, I suspect I am leaning more towards the harm than the good.

So my current mission is to do that. I am seeking to "do no harm," ahimsa if you will. Become more proactive in my environmental approach. I acknowledge that I am one person and perhaps the work that I do will not be enough to effect change in the world. But if I share my process with others, help people understand and make small changes in their own lives - then perhaps I have done something.

Some personal goals I am setting for myself are the following:

  • Transition from vegetarian to vegan to raw food diets. These are for environmental and health reasons. The vegetarian lifestyle limits the impact I have on the environment as well as doing my body good.
  • Eat all-natural, organic, and whole grains whenever possible. I am a believer in "buy-cotting." I want to support these industries so they will continue to grow and change the current farming practice system for the better.
  • Live a self-sustaining lifestyle. This will include having a sustainable garden, creating many of my own personal products that help lessing my environmental impact (i.e. clothing, housewares, cleaners, etc). I would like to eventually transition into having a solar powered house, water collection and other self-sufficient items that allows me to no longer depend on big industry.
    • When I am unable to create something myself, I will strive to find it used elsewhere (unless I absolutely have to buy the product new). This is to help cut down clutter in the landfills.
  • Use materials that I can recycle over and over again as opposed to their one-time-use counterparts. No more plastic bags for shopping. Cloth diapers for when I have children. Handkerchiefs instead of tissues. Cloth napkins instead of paper ones. 
  • Find a "green" job. Idealistically, that would be spending my days as a writer. No commute, stay at home to write and work on maintaining my lifestyle.
  • Exercise more. This isn't about losing weight. This is about staying healthy. If I maintain my health, then I minimize my dependency on the healthcare industry which seems to be wasteful (though they are making changes). I have no proof, but again, this is from seeing how a lot of their different tools are one time use. This isn't to say that I will never go to the Doctor again. No, this is so I minimize my need to go to the Doctor beyond my annual checkups. 
    • This will also include using preventative measures so I won't get sick. Using a Neti pot to clean out my sinuses. Drinking plenty of water to keep my system flushing out toxins and waste, ensuring I am getting plenty of vitamins.
    • Taking care of my mental health. Meditating, holding onto my spirituality and making time to bring myself peace on a daily basis. Becoming a calm, relaxed person is a big goal of mine.
  • Raise awareness to those surrounding me about how they can make small changes in their lives that make a difference. This would be through a gentle approach, rather than berating others for their choices. If people ask, I will answer without judgement. I will never force my lifestyle and thinking onto others.

Fun Facts
Some interesting tid-bits about me:
  • I have a boyfriend ("Dearest") that I've been dating for over a year now. We take care of two beautiful, black, brother cats. "EM" and "By-By." Our sweet companion animals.
  • I am a self-taught crocheter, I started when I was 8 and have crocheted nonstop ever since.
  • I am a huge fan of New Age music, especially Enya. I fell in love with her music when I was 4 years old and possess every single album she's created.
  • My favorite color is "kelly green."